Alptrek, September 2007, pictures by Ed Bramley and Marcus Tierney.

Waterfall Day 1, waterfall
protected path Day 1, protected path
snow Day 2, new snow
grosser solstein Day 2, the Grosser Solstein
view Day 2, the view towards Innsbruck
more snow Day 2, deep snow
 on way out Day 2, the walk out
the hut Day 4, the Franz Senn Hut
tower Day 4, the Aperer Turm
snow ramp Day 4, the first snow ramp
glacier Day 4, the glacier
moraine Day 4, the moraine top
snow Day 4, the snow slope
lake Day 4, glacial lake
the summit Day 4, the summit of the Aperer Turm
the way out Day 5, the track out
pond Day 5, a pond
more snow Day 5, more steep snow
summit Day 5, the Basseljoch summit
out again Day 6, out again
lakes Day 6, glacial lakes
Rinnenspitze Day 6, the Rinnenspitze
summit Day 6, the Rinnenspitze summit
summit ridge Day 6, the Rinnenspitze summit ridge
summit ridge Day 5, along the Rinnenspitze summit ridge