The Britannia Hut Centenary

Comparing the Opening in 1912 with the Centenary in 2012

1912 2011
The Cabane Britannia in 1912 Helicopter view in October 2011

Saas Tasch
Outside Grand Hotel, Saas-Fee 1912 Outside Tasch Hut, Taschtal, 2012

banner banner
"Carrying the banner" on the glacier, 1912 Carrying the banner at start of SW Ridge of Allalinhorn, 2012

lunch drinks
Lunch(al fresco) before the opening, 1912 Pre lunch Kaffee Britannias, 2012

opening speeches
The opening of the Cabane Britannia, 1912 Centenary speeches outside the Cabane Britannia, 2012

blessing speeches
Pastor Mullers Speech, 1912 Pastor Jeanneret, Geneve, and Cure Rieder, Saas-Fee 2012

anthems ambassador
Singing anthems at the opening, 1912 British Ambassador with ABM Presidents - present and outgoing, 2012

kitchen kitchen
Interior of the Cabane, 1912 The modern kitchen, 2012

view view
Stralhorn,Adler Pass and Rimpfischorn from the Cabane, 1912 Stralhorn,Adler Pass and Rimpfischorn from the Cabane, 2012

view view
Returning from the Opening, 1912 Returning to Saas-Fee after the Celebrations - 7 minutes, 2012

The monochrome photos are taken from the "Inauguration of the Cabane Britannia 1912". Colour photos are from SAC (heli view), Ed Bramley, Nesrin Everett, Julie Jones and Mike Goodyer.