Dolomite Via Ferrata Meet, Cortina, September 2014
Ra Gusela from the Giau Pass
Via Ferrata on the Nuvolau

Towards the Averau (2649m)
Via Ferrata on the Averau

Cinque Torri and WW1 gun emplacements

Via Ferrata Giovanni Barbara in Val di Fanes

Marcus admiring the view from Sas' de Stria in 2010 (cloudy this year!)
Marcus climbing trench ladder, leaping the trench and the team on the summit of the Sas' de Stria

Aspects of Rif. Giussani

Tofana de Rozes from above the hut

Andy on the way to Tre Dita, Mike on the edge at Tre Dita and Marcus and Andy on ledge of VF Giovanni Lipella

Andy on the VF Giovanni Lipella, Marcus and Andy at the top of the VF and Heather finding an observation hole in the WW1 defences

Tofana di Mezzo from the Tofana de Rozes

The Cima di Meso and the "cigar" lift cabins to Rif. Lorenzi

The start of the VF Marino Bianchi on the Cima di Meso and the suspension bridge at the start of the VF Ivano Dibona

Views on the VF Marino Bianchi

Andy and Heather on the summit of the VF Marino Bianchi and the team enjoying an end of season beer in the Rif. Lorenzi

Photos by Ed Bramley, Heather Eddowes, Mike Goodyer and Marcus Tierney