Dolomite Walking Tour, September 2006, pictures by Ed Bramley.

Geisler range Day 1, Geisler(Odle) Range and San Rigais
overnight stop Day 1, Schluter Hutte, the overnight stop
looking eastwards Day 2, view eastwards from Alta Via 2
dolomite view Day 2, heading towards Forcella della Roa
Piz Peuz Day 2, Piz Peuz
on route to Sas Rigais Day 3, on the way to Sas Rigais from the Peuz Hut
 the towers Day 3, the Fermeda Towers
the valley Day 3, Langental
isolated dome Day 4, isolated dome on Peuz plateau
view from the pass Day 4, view from the Crespina pass
looking east Day 4, view east from the Gardena Pass (Grodner Joch)
sunrise Day 5, sunrise from the Pisciadu Hutte
Sas de Mesdi Day 5, Sas de Mesdi
the hut Day 5, Rifugio Boe
the plateau Day 5, Sella plateau and Piz Boe
Andy, Natasha and Steve Day 5, simple via ferrata
panoramic view Day 5, Sas de Mesdi and view from Sella plateau
suspension bridge Day 5, suspension bridge at top of via Tridentina
Steve and Natasha Day 6, Steve and Natascha descending wired path 666 from Pisciadu Hutte