Haute Route Trek- Chamonix to Saas Fee, July/August 2009.

Pictures by Ed Bramley.

Day one: The team
Day 2: Low snow
Day 2: Champex
Day 3: Valsorey Hut
Day 3: Mt valon at sunset
Day 4: half way up the snow ramp
Day 4: on the Sonadon glacier
Day 4: thirsty work!
Day 5: on the Otemma glacier
Day 5: the Vignettes Hut
Day 6: the hordes depart from the hut
Day 6: descending the Arolla glacier
Day 6: the Bertol Hut
Day 7: adjusting kit in hgh winds
Day 7: the hordes head for the Tete Blanche
Day 7: Dente Blanche from the Tete Blanche
Day 7: descending the Stockji glacier
Day 8: the team and the Matterhorn
Day 8: Mike Parsons on the moraines
Day 8: the dormitory at the Berghaus Fluh
Day 9: Retrospective to the Matterhorn
Day 9: the Adler glacier
Day 9: the Britannia Hut is in sight
Day 9: Arrived at the Britannia Hut - well done