Maritime Alps Meet, September 2004, pictures by Ed Bramley.

Merveilles refuge Day 1
Merveilles refuge
cave painting Day 1
cave painting - the Sorcerer
Neige et Merveilles Day 1
Neige et Merveilles
Cime du Diable Day 2
Cime du Diable
Merveilles Valley Day 3
Merveilles Valley
towards Merveilles Valley Day 3
towards Merveilles Valley
Baisse de Valmasque Day 3
Baisse de Valmasque
Baisse du Basto Day 3
Baisse du Basto
the lake Day 3
Lac Basto
come on! Day 3
Alasdair and Terry
the team at work Day 3
the Nice refuge
Merveilles Valley Day 3
the Merveilles Valley
the lake Day 4
Lacs du Mont Clapier
the gang on top Day 4
Mont Clapier
view of the tops Day 4
the Nice Valley
Richard Day 4
the hut Day 5
the Valmasque refuge
the pass Day 5
Pass Fous
looking at the view Day 6
Andy and Steve
marching up the path Day 6
the military path