Centenary of the Britannia Hut 1912-2012

The Centenary of the opening of the Britannia Hut was in 2012. As many of you know the Hut was built with money collected from the members of the ABMSAC and other climbing clubs over the period 1909 to 1912.
A total of 20,000 Swiss francs were collected. The hut was formally handed over to the Central Committee of the Swiss Alpine Club on Saturday August 17th 1912, who in turn presented the keys to the Geneva Section.
The Geneva Section celebrated the centenary of the Hut at a formal function at the Hut in June – a full report is elsewhere on the website.

In 2011 Pamela Harris sent me a photocopy of the book “Inauguration of the Cabane Britannia on the Klein Allalinhorn, Saas Fee, August 17th, 1912.” Mike Pinney then searched our library, housed at the Alpine Club archives, and found an original copy of the book

I have taken the liberty of copying it into a PDF format for you to download and read. To help with referencing I have split the book into sections:

  • Contents - Overview and Book Contents and Illustrations
  • Opening Ceremony part 1 - (1) The Opening Ceremony – Facsimile Letter from Clinton Dent – Speeches at Opening
  • Opening Ceremony part 2 - (2) Accounts of Opening, Translated from German, French and Italian
  • Speeches at Dinner - (3) Speeches at the Dinner at the Dom Hotel
  • List of Subscribers - (4), (5) and (6)Lists of Subscribers and New Members
  • Clinton Dent Obituary - (7) Obituary Notices of our late President Clinton Dent and Portrait
  • ABMSAC End Papers - ABMSAC Committee Members
  • The numbers in () denote the sections in the Contents page of the book.

    The book belonged to Mr W Bellows of Gloucester. He was present in Saas Fee during the Celebrations in August 1912. Unfortunately he had a bad cold and did not make the ascent to the Hut for the ceremony (see handwritten note in the contents chapter above). However in Section (4) he is listed as attending the ceremony at the Hut as well as the celebrations in the Saas Fee.

    Mike Goodyer, Hon. Editor 15 July 2012