Trek films from 2001 to 2012

Continuing our digital archive we have collected together video clips from the treks to view on YouTube. Im indebted to Ed Bramley for making the clips available.

Over four Karwendel Ridges in 2012. Trek report.

The Freedom Trail in 2011. Trek report.

Atlas Mountains in 2010. Trek report.

Haute Route in 2009, part of the Centenary celebrations. Trek Report

Julian Alps in 2008. Trek report.

Innsbruck in 2007. Trek report.

Dolomites AV2 and Sella Massif in 2006. Trek report.

Alpine passes in 2005. Trek report.

Maritime Alps in 2004. Trek report.

Tour du Vallee du Trient in 2003. Trek report.

Grand Muverans in 2002. Trek report.

Dolomites Rosengarten in 2001. Trek report.

For a more cinematic viewing you can connect to YouTube on any smart tv and type ABMSAC into the search and all the treks will come up. The 2010 trek, the most recently added, has a soundtrack.
In the coming months more treks will be added to the page.

Thats all folks!

The YouTube chapters can be used in conjunction with the newly added digitised Journals.

Mike Goodyer, Hon. Editor, updated 20 September 2023